Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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GrapeTang#90uMe5dJAk at 27 May 2006: 17:04


At best, having sex with animals is harmless and not hurting anything, not an actual virtue.

Oh, and a preemptive explanation on my claims that people are making it sound noble. I'm trying my hand at reading tone here, and when people say "Bringing pleasure to animals" and the like, I'm getting the impression that you guys are trying to not only make yourselves sound better than people who think bestiality is bad, but also trying to make yourselves sound better than people who aren't bringing their animals this pleasure.

Yes, I eat meat, but seriously, I resent having that compared to having sex with animals for the purposes of building up your character. You want to think it's okay to have sex with animals because I kill and eat them? I don't think anyone needs to have the flaw in that logic spelled out for them.

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