Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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DragonFlame at 31 May 2006: 13:45

Holy flying fuck. You are an arse. I never ever in this whole 657 post thread said eating meat was better than having sex with animals. DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH.
I dont know about you but I have had three friends get extremely sick because they decided to become a vegetarian. Meat has always been a part of our natural diet and you can complain and winge all you like but that is a fact. Next you will say well you can survive by eating the right fruits, vegetables, nuts and ohter non meat products but remeber this it is not normal for the human body to take on these diets and a lot of people are allergic to nuts and other products that you will bring up. Me I prefer to eat my meat I enjoy it and I enjoy living a healthy and enjoyable life not one where I am only just living becasue I eat exssesive amounts of rabit food.
Everything is bad for you if you eat to much of it. Eat in moderation and live a healthy life.

Also im jumping to the Anti Beast side for a sec because this is really shitting me. Lets put it this way you can justify having sex with animals because we eat meat. How bout this we will continue eating meat until you stop having sex with animals. Are you gonna do it .... Hell no you wont. You like it to much and you think there is nothing wrong with it. Just like we dont see anything wrong with eating meat.

And Svansfall these multi post replys are getting out of control. You are just reapeating your self now and I and probably a lot of other people are finding it tiresome. You dont need to write a 1000 word essay to prove your point.

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