Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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DragonFlame at 31 May 2006: 14:22

No Problem. I realise that you may think this whole board is agianst you and you need to reply to everything on your own and I think that may be one of the rasons why I have defended many of your point but there are many ohters that do support your view of sex. There is something you must understand, you do not need to justify yourself to have sex with animals and by this I am talking about this Meat issue. If you use a justification then deep down you know it is wrong and you need an excuse to make it right. Do not use something which you consider wrong to justify your actions. I think in your case that isnt true and what you have said so far is just an opinion and not a justification but everyone doesnt see it that way. Do you see where im going with this.

PS: I think you have been fairly clear and concise in your posts thats why I have been enjoying your replys.

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