Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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at 1 Jun 2006: 05:42


"So, I know some people don't believe that the animals feel pleasure, and I know some people don't believe that the meat industry harms animals, and if someone reading this feels like this, I hope you can look at how I feel about it, and at least understand why it seems so strange to me."

Some people, even today, believe that that animals aren't able to feel pain because there level of conciousness isn't high enough.  It's really just rediculous nonsense meant to rationalise cruelty.

Animals do indeed feel pain.  We know this because they have the stress hormones and behavioral changes to prove it when in bad situtations.  Interestingly enough, they react to pain and stress just like humans do.  They even have the mental power to associate certain objects or events with pain and take corrective actions to avoid pain when they think it's going to happen.  So, if an animal can feel pain and react inteligently to avoid it, maybe they can feel pleasure, too.  Maybe, just maybe, they may even seek pleasure out, much like people do.

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