Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Svansfall at 1 Jun 2006: 15:17

Okay, I am going to try and write a brief post for a change, and I apologize for therefor not replying to absolutely everything.

No. Your relationship with your cows may mean something to you, but don't compare it to human/human relationships. Not only is that ignorant, and more than a little freaky, but it's insulting to those of us who HAVE a significant other.

Why is it insulting?  Of course there are things I cannot share with the cows, that I can share with my close human friends.   That does not mean that I am less emotionally attached to the cows, and in no sense does it mean that I treat them less good for that, or any other reason.  I have been deeply involved in loving, non-sexual relationships with close human friends, with everything that an ordinary loving relationship contains, with the sole exception of sex.  I am fully aware of what a human/human relationship means, and I am also fully aware of what a human/animal relationship means.  For natural reasons, there are things you cannot share with the animals, but the human/animal relation is not less rewarding in the emotional sense.  It's equally rewarding in the emotional sense.

Just like I can sit beside a close human which means a lot to me, and we can just peacefully share the moment, I can also sit beside a cow in the grass, carress her as she's relaxing, and we're relaxing together.  She's showing that she is feeling safe in my company, and she enjoys the fact that I am there.

I am a mostly non-sexual person anyway.  Close contact, cuddling and petting means a lot more to me than sex, and it sometimes goes long periods between me ever doing anything sexual at all.

I am out as a zoophile to many of my close non-zoo friends as well, and I must admit you're the first person I have ever heard who felt that my emotions to the animals, would be insulting to their emotions to their loved ones.  My non-zoo friends thinks my relation with the cows is sweet.

I hope you do not really feel that it is insulting, becasue it is no deliberate insult from my part.

I'll choose to not comment any further on the point of meat eating.  We'll just have to agree to disagree on this part.  I've already mentioned so much of how I feel about the subject.

Not having sex with animals doesn't mean they're inexperienced dude. If a lot of them are Americans, I promise you that most of them have probably been around at least a dog their whole life. Just because they haven't come to the same conclusions you have doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about.

That's not how I meant it.  Most animal owners I know are not zoophiles, and most of the animal owners I know are well aware of how to communicate with their animals, and can easily read their animals' body language.  Some comments earlier on in this thread, seemed to come from people who were completely unaware of the behaviour of animals.

You want people to stop saying cruel things to young zoophiles. Well, why would they do that? Especially since you do something that bugs them with no intention of stopping... why should they listen to you? You’ve brought up a lot of excuses not to listen to them, but why should they listen to you?

They can completely ignore us.  They don't have to listen to me, and they don't have to say anything cruel and mean to people.

They can say cruel and mean things to the people who DO abuse and mistreat their animals, sexually or non-sexually, but they don't have to say anything to nice people who treat their animals well.

Man you've really talked yourself into this haven't you? Do you even know what a Furry is? Just because I can't have sex with an anthromorphic vixen doesn't mean my life is diminished... not in any sense that anyone who pines for something they can't have. Some people want super models, some people want rich and famous stars, but their lives aren't wrecked when they can't have it. I would never say that my life is lesser for settling for a human lover. I'm vaguely offended that you seem to think that giving up cows for a woman would be disgusting to you.

No dude, if you stopped having sex with cows, unless you're completely obsessed with getting absolutely everything you want all the time, you'd find that life would go on. You're living your kink, but your kink isn't your life... and if you think it is, you should seriously see a therapist or something. I'm not trying to be mean with that remark, but I'm reasonably sure that if you can't see yourself having a life without sexual contact with animals, that it's not just you enjoying something, it's you immersing yourself in it dangerously.

There's a lot of dreams that I would be happy with having come true, but I cannot get it, and I am not obsessed with getting absolutely everything I want.

There are really only 3 things I want in life: I want to live in the spot where I feel at home.  I want to share my life with close human friends around me.  I want to devote my life to making sure that some cows get the absolutely best possible life I can give them.

That's what I am asking for in life, and those three things mean the most to me of anything. Having emotional and physical intimate relationship with cows is not a kink for me.  Zoophilia is a valid sexual orientation - not a kink.  More than one psychologist and sexologist has reached this conclusion in their studies.  Look up the book "Understanding Zoophilia and Bestiality" by Dr. Hani Miletski, for her detailed description of her studies, in case you are interested.

I know what furries is, and I also have sexual fantasies about beings that does not exist.  It does not diminish my life either.  But the emotional relationship I have with the cows is far more rewarding than any fantasy I could think of.

As far as giving up cows for a woman.  When I was young, I became sexually mature roughly around the same time as most other guys in school did.  I noticed that they were getting sexually attracted to the girls.  I tried to get sexually attracted to the girls as well, because I didn't want to be different.  I'd get aroused by beautiful cows, horses or dogs that I'd see, but I always had to hide it.

For a few years, I tried to actively make myself attracted to girls, but it never worked.  I tried to fantasize about girls, but nothing ever happened.  But everytime I started fantasizing about being with certain animals, I was instantly aroused.

I have had to decline sex from people, who I really liked, and would have been happy if I could have had sex with them, but I have never been able to conjure up any kind of sexual attraction towards a human.

I've tried in later years also, several times, because I really hate to make people sad, and as I mentioned before, I have been in loving relationships with humans, lacking the sex-part.  Well, those people wanted to have sex with me.

So, I am sorry if you feel offended by people who cannot get sexually aroused by humans.  It's just never been anything but animals that has aroused me, since the first day I was sexually mature.

So, my sexual orientation is zoophilia.  To ask me to give up cows and have sex with women, is just like telling a homophile to give up guys and have sex with women.


Sorry?  Now, I am confused.  Where in post 668 is Verrimgard mentioned?  Who is he?  WHo is Chris?   All that I know is that there was a post on Beastforum, from someone called Verrimgard, and in the post, he talked about this discussion here on Fchan.  So, I followed the link he provided and got here.  That's all I know.

And I think I failed in writing a brief post.

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