Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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GrapeTang#90uMe5dJAk at 3 Jun 2006: 04:46


Yes, but how did this name suddenly pop up in this thread?  I did not mention the name.

Sorry dude, I got it from that beastfurum site. You said you were pointed here, so I went there to see what was being said in there. Yeah, you didn't rat him out or anything. ;)

This is not the human definition of 'consent' and I feel the human definition of 'consent' is not valid at all here.

Well... don't know what to tell you man. I can see why it's a valid concern, but I kinda apply it to humans only out of a harsh bias. I don't think it's evil, I just think it's gross, and I don't really sweat those kind of issues with animals. If you're claiming to care though, I'd suggest giving it a try to look at it "their" way, since you want them to change... cause lets face it, most people against bestiality aren't going to discuss it with you or justify their position, they're just going to verbally, socially, possibly legally, and maybe even physically attack you, and there probably aren't enough zoophiles to return in kind.

Not fair really, but yeah, it's kind of a one way thing here. They're on the accepted "popular" side, so they don't need to justify themselves to you. If you need to compare it to something closer to home, think of the struggle (ongoing struggle) for racial equality. What, did black activists just say "No, you guys are wrong, so you should all just leave me alone"? Well, some probably did, but I bet you it didn't really get them anywhere. Then there were the violent ones... and, well they kinda caused more harm than good really, as they "confirmed" all the prejudice against them. Then there were the ones who wouldn't back down, wouldn't be ignored, and FORCED people to look at it their way... but they had to explain themselves. Grown men and women had to explain why being born with a certain skin color didn't mean they deserved bad treatment.

Now... zoophiles... not really like the race struggles as far as I can tell. I mean, not every group vying for fair treatment is right. Nambla, creepy cults, the A.L.F., those kinds of people. They have a cause, but they're wrong... so just because you're an oppressed minority doesn't immediately mean that the majority are being unreasonable bullies. Not sure where zoophiles are really. Some of you don't seem terrible... most of you are creepy as hell if this thread is an indicator...

Have you read Hani Miletski's book?

Man, the only thing I can say to this, for both sides, is be careful. Just because it's written in a book by some scholar or scientist doesn't mean it's right, or even valid. Two people from the same university can look at the same evidence and come to opposite conclusions. Just look at the psychology Nature/Nurture debate for evidence there.


Actually, yes. I used to think I was a bad person because I was a furry, and I tried to NOT be a furry... and then eventually came to the conclusion that being a furry isn't hurting anything, because all it really meant is I was looking at something. Yeah, it's damn near impossible to just completely deny a kink.

But seriously, that doesn't mean you shouldn't. What if your kink was snuff? I don't care how hard it is to deny yourself, you deny it or you're a murderer.

Now, zoophiles are aren't THAT bad... not even close... but the point is, just because it's hard to deny doesn't absolve you of any responsibility. The right or wrong of it aren't swayed in other words.

Dude, I have no idea what your points are. Well, I get that you're apparently for bestiality, but you kinda seem to be demonstrating the "fuck animal rights, I'll do what I want, when I want" argument, which lends to it being "wrong" as far as this discussion goes. Beyond that though, I have no idea what you're trying to say. Maybe you've had some sort of accident that makes it hard for you to type... but that doesn't make it easier to understand you, and I don't see it as "our" responsibility to shovel through it.

Jub seems up for the challenge though... for some reason.

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