Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Juberu#3LrT5NRVks at 4 Jun 2006: 08:11


Oh, but you see, that wouldn't be rape.  Why?  Because animals do not have a sense of morality.  Thus, morality does not apply to them.  It only applies to humans.  But why, then, must we insist upon informed consent when that isn't appart of there world either.  This is a contradiction in the anti-zoo argument and I'm glad you pointed it out.  Very good, sir.  Bravo!

Oh, but I'm sure this will be explained away by the anti-zoos by saying that I'm not making sense or that I'm "contradicting" myself when I'm not or that there is a "flaw" in my logic (which they won't point out directly).

I'm not sure I need to, but let me try.
A does not understand rule B. Therefore, rule B does not apply to him.

Got it? This may be part of the sticking point.

>They are so focused on there own agument that they never take the time to understand ours.  That is why it is so "obvious" that we are wrong.
Funny, I rarely, if ever, see anyone on my side using the "obvious" claim. It's more often your side. Also, and I'm tired of saying this, there is a gap between *understanding* and *agreement*. Also, we need proper bold and italics.

"The world is flat", was also common knowledge and the underlying assumption, before Galileo came along.

Which is strange, because it meant ignoring several pieces of evidence. Like trees or poles of equal height in a straight line, when viewed at a right angle from a distance, don't have even tops.

Why I can remember obscure points from a five-year-old Geography lesson, but not the stuff I took last semester, I'll never know.
Hell, even the plushies and suiters don't do anything morally confusing.

Except freak people out. :D
because it is more convenient to believe that everything is the way it used to be, back in the good old days when mummy told me what was good and what was bad.

And there are people who are going to look and still dislike it.

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