Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Southpaw at 20 Jun 2006: 05:41

Blasted. Again I forgot to add by no means did I mean to offend or attack anyone in my post(s). I'm a jersey kid so my sentences seem to sound a bit scawling when intensionally I just try to get a point across.

Also I act stupid when I post stuff. I somehow am able to do this and mesmerize people I am a bit "dumb." I take people by susprize. If you want my serious answer to this thread.

My point : It is pointless to debate this. There are people against it, people for it. Debating only throws the dice into the other group and the best war is the one never fought. To make a statement, trying to pierce the arrow through the keyhole  may not work. People are people- meaning sadly they will believe what only they want too. Even if I had the most informative thread per say- people would still disorient and rebuttal the statement.

>>849 Depends. The term for that (which is a double standard) is called interspecies. Which is totally bogus because that what beasty is. It is interspecies too. So if a human is involved remember its bad. But if another animal is doing it, don't worry they're just animals- mindless, dumb animals. <--P&T BULLSHIT

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