Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Svansfall at 21 Jun 2006: 02:16

Okay, I am back, briefly, don't expect me to post a lot.

So we should judge all zoophiles/bestialists after the worst examples?  How do you feel when someone compare you to the worst examples of furries?

There are always cases, in each group of people, where their actions are not acceptable.  Heterosexual men can sexually abuse other people.  Does that mean that we have to judge every heterosexual man according to what some heterosexual men do?

Of course sex with animals can be bad, and is bad in several cases.  That does not by default make it always bad.

But obviously, it is a very effective method of stirring up feelings, by showing bad examples of the group you are attacking.

What makes bestiality wrong is motivation.  If they truly wanted to please there animals, they wouldn’t care if they got to fuck there animals or not.  What would be important to them would be providing a mates for there pets or masturbate them as a secondary alterative.

If you had read my earlier postings, you would have seen me saying that I have never had an animal bring me to orgasm, and that I focus on stimulating them and bringing them to orgasm.

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