Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Sylern at 21 Jun 2006: 23:28

I really hate to get into this but...

Sometimes I wonder if some of you actually understand animals at all.  Some animals do pretty much require rape (There are species that only reproduce by raping the female).  However more than enough species DO operate on concent, that concent just isn't verbal.

Here's one for ya...the bat.  The male, in order to mate, just comes up and tries to stick it in.  Yaknow what the female does if she dosn't want it?  She nips the bat right then and there.

To an animal its simple.  If they are in heat, if they are willing, they will do it.  If they don't want to..they will struggle and might even take swipes at you.

The sad part is..with the way some of you struggle.  If a guy is tied to the floor..gagged and bound so he couldn't move...then an animal takes advantage of his rear since its so open.  Then with the definition many of you are using..the man would have raped the animal..since the animal didn't concent to it being done.

Animals can and do concent..they just don't vocalize it in the way humans do.  And usually 'no' is _very_ easy to tell.

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