Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Svansfall at 22 Jun 2006: 14:06

Hello OddlyEnough,

I am not sure if I read you correctly. Are you saying that the animal does not know that she enjoys the pleasure, and is only seeking the pleasure because she does not know any better, and that I would be showing her more respect by not giving her the pleasure that she is seeking?

If that is what you meant, I must disagree.  Stimulation of genitalia is enjoyed by many individuals, and they are fully aware that they find it enjoyable.  I'll repeat something I've said before now, in case you've not read all posts:  When they are in heat, they are trying their best to relieve their sexual tension by rubbing themselves up against trees, or anything similar they can find.  This is rarely sufficient and usually leaves them frustrated and annoyed.  Once they have been stimulated and brought to orgasm, their sexual tension lessens, and they calm down and relax.

Hello Anonaconda,

Don't worry, I don't feel insulted by what you said.  But some people reading your post could choose to interpret it to mean that "all zoophiles/bestialists" are like that guy, so I wrote to clarify that it is not the case.  Zoophiles/bestialists are not a homogenous group of people who are all the same.  You know that, but not everyone knows it.  Thanks for posting.

Hello Grap,

There is no "because" in the comparison of this issue, just like there wasn't a "because" in the comparison I made earlier in the discussion.  There is no need for a "because" in order to compare two similar examples.

The comparison being made is "How can we treat animals?" in two different areas.

Example: People in Town A is discussing their traffic situation.  In order to discuss it, they are making comparisons to the traffic situation in Town B.  This helps them see things from other angles.  The comparisons are being made, even though the traffic situation in Town A is NOT the way it is BECAUSE of the traffic situation in Town B.  The two traffic situations can be totally unrelated, and still be a valid comparison for the people in Town A to discuss.

They are discussing two similar examples, in two different areas.

What we're dicussing here is "How can we treat animals?" when it comes to having sexual relations with them.  Therefor, a discussion of "How can we treat animals?" in other non-sexual areas also apply to this discussion, regardless of any "because" being present or not.

The difference is that humans stigmatise sex, but they do not stigmatise horseback riding.  The horse does not stigmatise sex.  From the horse's point of view, what they care about is being treated well, not becoming stressed, and having their desires respected.

I am not thinking that horseback riding is wrong.  It can be wrong if you are careless, if you do things the horse does not like, if you stress the horse and if you don't care about treating them well.

Some horses show clearly that they enjoy being ridden.  They desire and enjoy the interraction and mental stimulation that it gives them.  I do not feel this is wrong at all.

Likewise, I don't feel that sex with horses is wrong.  It can be wrong if you are careless, if you do things the horse does not like, if you stress the horse and if you don't care about treating them well.

The comparison of "How we treat animals?" is valid, wheter it is a sexual situation or not.

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