Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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tyciol at 23 Jun 2006: 09:22

Wow, a lot of posts here, not about to read them all until these forums get easier on the eye, but I'll add my input on one thing post 871 made me think of.

How could you tell whether or not Helen Keller consented? Deaf mutes can communicate through sign language, sure, but it's hard to pick up on that during sex.

Would it be like BDSM where you have to come up with some kinda signal?

Even so, what if you met some foreign person who you couldn't communicate with, but you had an obvious attraction to? Before they came up with sign language and braille (or literacy) this was how it was done!

Has anyone read the Dream of Eagles series interpreation of the Merlin legends? His first wife, the one who met an untimely end, they couldn't communicate in words in the slightest... but their love was so not rape. I'd say it could eventually be the same with animals.

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