Bring back the ferals!

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Kitsune at 20 Nov 2006: 09:21

I belive there has been a great injuistice done on Fchan.

The moderators have seen fit to classify feral animals and feral animal players as... Not furry.

I have played both as a feral and a standard bipedal furre, and the roleplay and artistic standpoint remains the same. There are now hundreds (at least) of feral furry players who are basically being told that they aren't welcome here on F-chan now, simply because they wish to play a more realistic character. Six foot talking hyenas with hermaphroditic genitals and quadrouple D cup breasts are nice and all, but let's NOT turn this board into a little neo-furry-nazi convention.

And before any of you start on it, I am not refering just to beastiality. I am refering to ALL feral art and posting here.

Removal of the ability to post feral work on a FURRY webboard is the same as back in the 50's when they made the colored students go to another entrance and another school for their classes. It is just another form of discrimination. It may be an intentional form, and I am not trying to accuse the moderators of anything here, but it is still discrimination none the less.

Let's stop all the bull**** and bring back feral postings to this board. Because wether anyone wants to admit it or not, feral players make up a large portion of the furry fandom. Not all of them are into beastiality, but some of them are. It's not really fair to say that you can post japanese catgirls, that have no furry to them except a pair of ears and a tail, yet not allow animals which are more furry then that.

So let's bring back the ferals, people!

Havoc at 20 Nov 2006: 10:40

Ferals are animals. Not furries. Furry is not a measure of the amount of fur, else scalies would not be included in the fandom. But a pure animal is not a furry because it lacks the intelligence that would classify it as a personified character.

at 20 Nov 2006: 10:55

This board is not for furries (the actual human people) and all their interests, it is for furry art. As to what the moderators think is "furry art" is: http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html#rules
Just hover your mouse over the underlined words.

uncia2000 at 20 Nov 2006: 11:13

>>1 "Removal of the ability to post feral work on a FURRY webboard is the same as back in the 50's when they made the colored students go to another entrance and another school for their classes."

Slight overkill, that... :/

Try http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/read.php/dis/1163425881/1-40 ; posts 2-5.
"In otherwords, if people can post the content in question without tossing the b-word and z-word around, you folks will just happily assume the horse that's driving miss daisy is an intelligent, joyfuly conscenting critter, instead of a stupid, lust driven animal?"
-> "Correct."

uncia2000 at 20 Nov 2006: 11:18

>>1 "Let's stop all the bull**** and bring back feral postings to this board."

All that appears to be required is to post in the 'appropriate' section and we can keep on happily enjoying without anyone having to guess/query what's /actually/ inside the feral's furry/scaly/etc. head...

JM02kitty-cents, anyhow.
David/u2k ^^

at 20 Nov 2006: 13:12


at 20 Nov 2006: 15:15

"Removal of the ability to post feral work on a FURRY webboard is the same as back in the 50's when they made the colored students go to another entrance and another school for their classes."


Once again furries try to compare their piddling plights and drama to the black civil right movement. Good job on a complete level of failure that i've not seen on the internets in at least the past..two or three weeks. When will you people who are way too wrapped up in your hobby to the point it's become your lifestyle that NONE and I mean NONE of your 'struggles' in the fandom compare even remotely to events in the real world? Get from in front of your PC now. You are not a anthro animal. You will -never- be a animal. Furry is a -hobby- you git.

Kitsune you are a complete and total idiot. Please report to the closest ghetto or nearest warzone to have yourself removed from the gene pool and life ASAP. Thank you.

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Raven at 20 Nov 2006: 15:46

>>1 "Removal of the ability to post feral work on a FURRY webboard is the same as back in the 50's when they made the colored students go to another entrance and another school for their classes."

This is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. But I see no need to go into specifics since everyone else seems to have it covered. I'm also considering the fact you are a troll that is trying to be facetious and failing miserably.

Also like Uncia said, we never banned it. I really start to question the intelligence of people who come onto a site and start whining about something that isn't even true. You obviously don't post here much if you didn't know that. Or again, you're just a troll.

If you still don't understand, I am just going to assume you are incapable of doing so and will ignore any further drama.


Re: last part. You're right.. if this person is being serious. But you could say it in a way that isn't quite so much an attack. I suggest you learn how to do so in the future.

at 20 Nov 2006: 16:53

Raven: *bows* past work as a tech support geek for an isp, has left me with no doubt as to most peoples abilities.
be well man and peace out.

Anon at 20 Nov 2006: 17:27

And furries wonder why they're made fun of.

at 20 Nov 2006: 19:10

This is one of the best troll threads I've seen on here!

Honestly people, nobody's THAT stupid.  He's just trying to get a reaction out of you. ^_^

at 20 Nov 2006: 19:14

Hey, way to spit back out what Raven already said. That's thinking for yourself.

at 21 Nov 2006: 01:34

No.9868>> "Recent rulings have stated that if it doesn't have an anthro in it, it doesn't belong on FChan."


animal+animal=not furry
animal+human=not furry

Is this so hard?"

at 21 Nov 2006: 02:46

"and in the fine fine print" animals can be furry unless the poster says they are not at all furry... the admins will assume that in some manner they are anthro.
no it isnt hard at all.

Chevelle at 21 Nov 2006: 11:06

When it comes to furry art you have two classifications, Anthropomorphic charactars (Like bugs bunny, Brandy Harrington) and you have feral charactars. That are mostly drawn like regular animals, an sometimes have the intelligents of regular animals.

If it's animated, an it's an animal, or animal/human hybrid. It's a furry, case closed.

So ferals are furries, bur real life animals are not.

at 21 Nov 2006: 14:37

which is a moot point chevelle as real life pics are outlawed.

at 21 Nov 2006: 15:31


lol, so witty!!1!


I think it's kind of a matter of misinterpreting the point of these boards.  This isn't a site for absolutely everything furry so much as it is a site for specific kinds of art, which seems to lean toward anthropomorphism... so animals with human features, and humans with animal features.  The blurry line is set somewhere between mythical animals, and animals that can talk.

So yeah, Ferals are furries (depending on your definition), but they aren't FChan material. :)

Xenofur at 21 Nov 2006: 16:49

pls 2 read explanatation: http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/faq/#1138187898

Chevelle at 21 Nov 2006: 17:53

There is a difference between beastiality and ferals. Beastiality is about REAL non animated animals. Ferals are cartoon animals, non-morphs. They are labeled as furry, an I see no reason why it cant be included an why it's looked upon as beastiality.

Beasty = REAL
Ferals = Toons

There is no "blurry line" It's either a cartoon, or it's real.
Just saying that there is no reason to remove ferals other than 'I just dont want it here' which is not real considerate towards viewers.

Just like that indian dude on Joe Dirt, trying to sell fireworks and wasent doing well because he didnt sell what he didnt like.

There are people who like ferals, they shouldnt have been removed. If ya add ferals, that just means that you will get more viewers.

Basic principal is, if someone dosent want to see a pic. They dont have to, just skip over it. Why remove something that people like just because some people disslike it.

If ya say morality, then... Well if morality was an issue with cartoon pictures then fchan (an the rest of the chans), WWOEC, Jab an all the cartoon porn sites wouldnt exist.

Havoc at 21 Nov 2006: 19:50

Um, no. Feral = animal with animal intelligence. Furry = anthro or non-anthro animal with human intelligence. Going by this definition, beast and feral are the same.

Chevelle at 21 Nov 2006: 20:10

If ya want to get technical. Feral = uncivilized
Feral is nothing more than an uncivilized fur, but feral is used more often to describe cartoon animals. With or without human intelligence.

Maybe we need to get on the same page here. Is the person who created this thread taking about feral as in non morph cartoon, or by 'your' definition?

Raven at 21 Nov 2006: 20:41


Hi. Do you read? See the link Xeno posted? Check it out, please.

Going by your definition, we never removed "ferals." So I suggest you start listening to what we say and ignoring people who think they know things they don't.

Xenofur at 21 Nov 2006: 20:47

ok, i was nice so far, but you insist on being... dumb.

here's what you do:
forget everything about feral and similar stuff on fchan you have heard before. ever. NO EXCEPTION. done? good.
now read the post i linked. think about it for at least 30 minutes, hard. if you managed to understand it, smile, be happy and act accordingly.
if you still don't understand it, write me an EMAIL or talk to me in IRC.

if the above is ignored, this thread gets nuked as well as all other similar threads in the future.

pro-tip: almost the whole community understood it. you don't. perhaps you should start at that point with seeking an answer.

at 21 Nov 2006: 20:55


I don't follow

at 21 Nov 2006: 22:20


we have enough trolls and you arent funny

at 21 Nov 2006: 22:25


speak for yourself

Raven at 21 Nov 2006: 23:32

>>24 >>26

*checks the IP*

Maybe s/he is speaking for him/herself, but it seems like you're doing the same. Nice move. :P

Now that the bullshit is out of the way, this subject has been handled and the trolls have been routed. If someone seriously does not understand, they will either send an email or complain no longer.

Thank you for your time and patience. :3

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