Clarification regarding incest images

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Falcon at 23 Nov 2008: 14:00

The administrators have asked me to make a post to clarify something.

Images depicting incest are welcome on Fchan providing the following guidelines are met:
1) The image is posted in one of the main boards (/f, /h, /m, /s)
2) The image is posted in a thread to which it is relevant.
3) The image contains no characters that could be viewed as underage (This is at administrative/Moderator discretion).
We feel this is the best way to address all concerns that have arisen over this matter. Although incest may be viewed as a fetish, the qualities of it in an image aren't tangible enough to warrant making /a their home. (notwithstanding the depictions of underage characters, which are not welcome here)
Finally, any incest-specific threads will most likely be deleted, as they have a track record for generating the posting of cub material. This doesn't mean depictions of incest aren't allowed, we're just asking it not be the focus of a thread. For example, a picture of wolven sisters is a welcome addition to a wolf thread in /f.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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