Clarification regarding incest images

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Quantum at 28 Nov 2008: 07:31

Oftentimes the appeal in incest is very specific. It may be the taboo familial relationship (obviously) and it may be the draw of genetic familiarity. The concept of just pretending they're all related is like watching straight porn and pretending they all actually have penises because you like gay porn. The idea is that you induce situational euphoria from explicit relations between intended figures. This is similar to those (like myself) who gain intense satisfaction from seeing familiar figures from my youth exploited sexually in these forums, like in the Sonic threads which run rampant over the internet like weeds. The appeal is in the specific and in the intent and in the revel of actually indulging your taboo kinks. Neutralizing specific threads dedicated to 'incest' by saying they need to be submerged into other things and can't be standalone effectively makes it difficult to look for that specific angle in your browsing. Think of how much fun it would be if you did the same thing to Herm?

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