Clarification regarding incest images

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at 12 Dec 2008: 15:10

"grow up,"

Oh, sorry, I was unaware that being an adult meant never disagreeing and arguing with people. I guess that the rest of the world is just misinformed.

"get over it,"

How about this: No.

"get over yourself"

Looks like the only person here that needs to get over their self is you. I was arguing with something said. Falcon responded in what I consider an intelligent and thoughtful way, and you came in with so much chest beating and threats. How mature of you. I understand that I am not entitled to anything on this site. But that doesn't mean you aren't being an asshole for acting the way you are.

"and have a nice day."

I am, but last I checked, I didn't need your permission to do so.

"I do not argue with people who do not treat my Moderators with respect. I remove them."

Oh, and I suppose that the "disrespect" was me putting the "-the fuck-" part in my comment eh? Or was it just the fact that I talked back? I mean, I could see if I had just been flaming and a nasty troll, but that comment up there warranted the threat of a ban? And I'm the one that needs to grow up and get over myself... well, I've argued with you, better go ahead and ban me now. "Ask and you shall receive."

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