Clarification regarding incest images

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at 13 Dec 2008: 14:46

Wow, took you longer than I expected to ban me.

You know, I like you. You actually seem to give a shit. But you seem a bit naive, and like someone with a malleable mind that Nadia will have lots of fun molding to her will.

"she might not have established Fchan, but she established the Fchan we know today."

I HATE fchan as it exists today. I hope Nadia gets horrible horrible cancer. Sure, lots of people are okay with how it is, that doesn't mean that it's not poorly managed. You can all have fun acting as though I'm going to feel put down by pointing out that I'm the only one bitching. I really don't give a fuck. Everybody else on this site can all go swallow dog shit for all I care.


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