Who likes Jay naylor?

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at 13 May 2009: 19:24

His objectivist ideals can get in the way at times, but he's a pretty good artist.  Better Days can get mundane at times, it's true, but New Worlds was all kinds of awesome, and somehow managed to reflect his political views without being overbearing or pissing me off at how much I dislike objectivism.  Can't wait for the reboot.

Mr Swede at 15 May 2009: 17:23

Or like Darth Maladi?
Sorry, I don't even know what we're talking abou, here...

at 15 May 2009: 21:02

I enjoyed about the first 15 chapters of Better Days.  Some of his standalone art is pretty blah, but some of it is pretty good as well.

I don't see what political views have to do with liking his art.

at 15 May 2009: 21:19


fictional cahracter from that short series "DARK PLACES"

at 15 May 2009: 23:23


His political views don't have much to do with liking his art, but it's a lot more fun to make fun of somebody who's a complete nut.

some drunk guy at 16 May 2009: 02:19


how do you even know hes a complete nut?

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at 20 May 2009: 07:40


Because I've read things that he's written?

Although it's a bit old, for a somewhat more in-depth analysis of the comic, look here: http://www.crushyiffdestroy.com/show/bdays

Also, look Jay Naylor up on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

at 14 Jun 2009: 05:38

I find his art to be quite good-looking, minor anatomical issues aside. Saying that a cartoon artist reuses facial expressions is like saying a sculptor reuses chisels; They're tools to tell his story, and as conveyors of emotion they do their job well enough despite being limited in their range.

The story, I will admit, is not the best in the world, but it's not absolutely terrible. Fisk is a Gary Stu with the ability to blatantly channel Jay's beliefs, and a better part of the cast (Beth, Aron, Jessica, and Elizabeth to name a few) are very shallow, static characters, but the story still flows well. The incest is there, but handled tastefully enough. It may not be absolutely amazing, but it's entertaining in its own way, and it's a breath of fresh air from the butthurt, prosecuted wailing of the bandwagon furry crowd. A figurative 7.5/10, if you will.

Or perhaps I'm just being my moderate taoist self, and seeing both sides of the issue. I suppose it doesn't matter in a flame war like this. Didn't anyone tell you folks not to play with fire? Singed fur doesn't smell that pleasant, you know. And it gets ground into the carpet. I hope you're happy.

at 14 Jun 2009: 15:54


But that was written by some imature guy with a stick up his ass, who cares what he thinks.


Then we can just leave at that.

at 15 Jun 2009: 00:17

It's not that Naylor "reuses" facial expressions, it's that, toward the end of Better Days, characters almost always had the same, bland expression instead of, y'know, showing emotion.

The story was horribly written, with no sense of time, and a myriad of plot threads left dangling. But you touch on another point: the characters. It doesn't matter how good the story is -- if I don't care about the characters, why should I care about what happens to said characters? And you, yourself, admit that most of the characters were poorly written (Fisk being by far the worst offender in that regard, being a Mary Sue and all). By the end of the comic, I had very little sympathy for any of the characters, and what little did exist was mostly directed at characters Jay had stopped using. That tells me that there is something seriously wrong with Jay Naylor's storytelling ability.


But that was written by some imature guy with a stick up his ass...

I do believe you've just described everything Naylor has ever done.

at 15 Jun 2009: 15:15


I do believe I have just described everything about anyone that writes romance novels.

I was referring to Encyclopedia Dramatica.

at 17 Jun 2009: 16:06

Meh.  He's hardly worse than most other authors.

People just tend ignore preachiness when it is in-line with their own belief system.

Since my belief system tends to comfortably lie outside Liberalism or Conservatism, it's really easy for me to point out the ridiculous bias in most stories, since the majority of people/writers fall into one of those two categories.

at 17 Jun 2009: 23:38

Wether you like him or not or you just don't care, the fact that his name pops up every now and then in conversation is enough to tell you something.

at 18 Jun 2009: 15:06

He makes fapping more than lurking around /f/ and /s/... I don't care how conservative he is, he makes good porn.

at 18 Jun 2009: 17:31


He used to, anyway.  His quality has seriously gone downhill over the last year.

zelkra at 20 Jun 2009: 01:18

for some one alot of people dont like
alot of people liked better days

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Maki the Monkey at 21 Jun 2009: 14:54

When I was keeping my furry blog (it lasted all of a month, BTW) I actually interviewed Edis Krad and Jay Naylor.  I say 'interviewed' Jay Naylor, although we mostly bickered back and forth about moral pragmatism and it's role in ethics, and ultimately none of it amounted to an interview. 

If you've spoken to him for any length of time, you know that he's a very intelligent man who doesn't take to criticism very well.  And while he's a moderately gifted artist, his writing rests at the base of a very rightward slant, and what conversations you engage him in will inevitably dissolve into an all-out pissing contest.  The reason he's developed a reputation for being so elusive is because he seldom ventures out into a world populated by people who might disagree with him.  He's cloistered because he can't stand the thought of reproach.

In all, he's a very intelligent guy, and his webcomic is a crapload more engaging than most of the furry comics out there today.  His views have gravitated more towards the center over the years, and I really enjoyed debating him.  But ultimately he stormed off in a Jay Naylor huff, and I was so disenfranchised that I didn't feel like continuing the blog. 

So yes - there are right-leaning furries.  Just like there are gay Christians and Muslims who don't blow up orphanages.  The world is full of absurdities.  It's what makes this mudball we're living on interesting. 

at 25 Jul 2009: 03:40

"The world is full of absurdities.  It's what makes this mudball we're living on interesting. "

Here Here

BULLMOOSE1277 at 31 Jul 2009: 01:03

it's not that he is right-wing, its just that hes the biggest pile of hypocritical crap i have ever seen.  Now i will be the first to say that yea he draws nice and im a sucker long epic plots (if you can even call it that) but just read his comic, look at it for a long time, and you might see what i mean.(better days that is)

at 31 Jul 2009: 01:29

I dont' like him.

at 31 Jul 2009: 09:51

I can't stand him or his work. It's depressing and disgusting. I don't need porn to try and be deep (because it always FAILS at it) and I don't want his freaking social commentary in everything. Social commentary has a time and place, you can't just shoehorn it into everything by force.

As for Better Days...god that comic is horrible. Anyone who reads comics/manga often will be shocked at how badly Better Days is done story-wise. Sure it's the "best furry comic" but that's not saying much since there aren't even many furry comics to begin with and most are just porn commissions for 10 pages or less.

at 31 Jul 2009: 13:04

Naylor intelligent? I'm sure he seems that way to his fans, what with all the ten-dollar words he likes to use. In reality, everything he writes is riddled with the same inane spelling and grammatical mistakes, like he never heard of a God damned spellchecker. Of course, by comparison with the other right-wing furs he's genius-level, but only because they're such a bunch of mouth-breathing failures.

PS, Maki - I'd like to see your interviews. Got a link, or did you take the site down?

Baidn at 31 Jul 2009: 17:46

I dont really think the plot to better days is epic.  Its alright in some parts but i personally dont think it should have carried on as long as it did and it seemed to really drag at the end; no offense but im personally glad its over.  In regards to his art, i dont think its bad; a little to chibi ish  and overly cartoony for my taste but not terrible. 

at 1 Aug 2009: 23:58


"I was speaking up against the notion that I have to read the comic to actually bash it, which just isn't true."

So what you are saying, is that you CAN form an opinion without reading it. But your opinion may not be 100% supported by the reading of the comic.
I guess this is true. No one can stop you from making an opinion without ALL the facts first. But that is what everyone is yelling about, saying that you CAN'T hold an opinion without reading it.

Well, you did. And the users against you are probably ripping their eyes out of their skull in shock that you actually formed an opinion regardless of their rants :D

at 2 Aug 2009: 00:14


I think I will be quoting that for later use.
I am >>104 and I failed to click the next set of posts. So it is a response to an "old" part of the thread. Whoops.

klokwrkblu at 8 Aug 2009: 01:56


"...who doesn't take to criticism very well."

who does?

at 8 Aug 2009: 18:42

Mature artists.

at 9 Aug 2009: 16:14

Reasonable adults.

Baidn at 9 Aug 2009: 18:25

Professionals, scientist, rational people, true leaders, non-biased individuals, philosophers, those who want to improve etc

at 10 Aug 2009: 00:27

Fish,  snakes, rocks, etc.

Sen at 10 Aug 2009: 01:57

Anyone who would earn honest, true respect.

Jake at 8 Jan 2012: 18:59

OK the thread stated who like jay naylor not who agrees with jay naylor beliefs or ideal, and I like his stories because there funny, sad, and everything in between.

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Do I have to put my name? at 8 Jan 2012: 19:06

Hey that incest was only in 2 chapters 23 didn't have it, and you know what else is wrong a bunny and a cat "mating" or a cat and a mouse.

at 9 Jan 2012: 13:22


3 Year thread necro.

at 10 Jan 2012: 13:42

The furry fandom already has too many insane freaks to begin with, and Naylor's probably the biggest freak of all. He's a Randroid nutjob who tries so hard to make it look like he's not a far-right lunatic just so he can turn and say "look at ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! I'm such a unique INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!" And to make matters worse, he somehow believes that the best medium for spreading his Objectivist brain-killing poison is through FURRY PORN. That alone makes him possibly the dumbest human being on the planet.

at 10 Jan 2012: 19:10

i enjoy his works, the downfall of little red riding hood took a turn i didnt see coming but all in all hes good, haukaiu is my favorite of his works

at 10 Jan 2012: 22:19

You need to read Atlas Shrugged before you insult my beloved Objectivism again. Your insulting of it stems from ignorance; there are no coherent arguments against Ayn Rand's veracious philosphy.

Raptor at 22 Jan 2012: 10:46

Another furry objectivest? I thought im the only one! Im in love! :3

at 10 Apr 2012: 05:02

he's an annoying right winger, but i'd take him any day over malcious people like cigarskunk

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at 11 Apr 2012: 09:15


You should be permabanned for not letting this thread die the death it deserves

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