Favorite Furry Trait

at 14 May 2009: 19:25

I was thinking about this myself and I got to wondering... if you could have any single physical furry trait, what would it be?

Personally I'd have a hard time deciding between a real tail or a knot. Both are very hot :3

How about you?

at 15 May 2009: 02:33

Wouldn't you be better off picking something...useful?  Like wings or claws, perhaps?

at 15 May 2009: 06:59

I'm going to go with the horned lizard's ability to squirt blood from its eyes.  I don't really think that a tail, knot, or claws would really be very useful -- ok, claws might have some uses, but I can't think of a situation where a good knife wouldn't be better -- and wings on a human are just physically impractical.

But being able to shoot a stream of blood at people up to 5' away from me?  Heck yeah.

at 15 May 2009: 08:15

I could go for some nice sharp canids in my mouth..


at 15 May 2009: 09:48

An eagle's sense of sight would be helpful.

at 15 May 2009: 10:31


I would guess it depends why you want the trait.  A tail or knot would be fun.  Claws would be interesting, but unless they're retractable they could be more trouble than they are worth.  Wings would probably have to be ridiculously large in order to lift 150-180 pounds over even moderate distances.


Nice idea.

Mr Swede at 15 May 2009: 17:15

I'd want thrre, if I could :P
Underwater breathing, coupled with awesome nightvision and an inner pressurisation system, so I could go deep sea diving! :D

at 15 May 2009: 23:20

So the trait you want is to be a fish.

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at 16 May 2009: 00:07

Whatever trait will make this awful awful thread disappear.

at 16 May 2009: 06:26

That would be fire breathing.

DolphNon at 17 May 2009: 15:08

Retractable claws would be nice. You could use them to open letters, and people would think twice about attacking you.

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at 17 May 2009: 17:49

And furries ask why everyone makes fun of them :D

at 17 May 2009: 21:24

I love you.

at 17 May 2009: 23:13

>>9 >>12

When did fantasy become such a taboo?  People have thought and written about this kind of stuff for decades.  Why should anyone here give a damn if you don't like it?




at 18 May 2009: 03:50


Not being able to care.

at 18 May 2009: 23:17

Totally, the ears. Pointy, furry, kinda-big foxy ears. =3 murr

Anyone agree?

at 20 May 2009: 17:19

Nope, I'd want something functional, furry ears are not functional.

Wings, I'd go with wings

at 21 May 2009: 19:28

Ears are functional. An acute sense of hearing would be nice. And the ears have an element of physical appeal.

I'd go with some rabbit ears

at 22 May 2009: 05:31

Yeah, but if you went for ears you'd have hordes of weeaboos and anime fantards squeeing 'kawaii!' at you

at 22 May 2009: 08:05


at 22 May 2009: 09:30

I don't think you understand how wings work and how birds actually fly. Without the hollow bone structure of birds you aren't going anywhere off the ground.

Since this is about SINGLE traits, you can't get both.


at 22 May 2009: 12:37

full canine reproductive tract (single trait) male reflective of a canine sized human.  such fun could be had in so many ways *G*

at 26 May 2009: 14:47

A bears sense of smell.  Although admitedly I would probably grow to hate everyone who wears cologne of any kind but it would still be interesting.

at 27 May 2009: 21:07

It would have to simply be the Fur, Fur is awesome

at 28 May 2009: 01:49


Fur is one of those things that seems impossible to understand unless you have it.  On one hand, it has a lot of benefits, and on the other, a lot of cons.  The biggest problems I can think of are keeping clean and keeping cool.  Not sure how that would work.

tenko at 28 May 2009: 04:32

wtf? people pull the cork out your ass and have fun and dont bitch about things,i think itd be cool to have bird wings or a fox tail and ears to hear crap from far away and to grab things with my tail :P people need to learn not to take something fun and pointless and make it retarded and complicated,

at 28 May 2009: 13:15

Dude, you're on a furry site. We see this everywhere. It's what we call drama.

D at 28 May 2009: 15:14

A cat's tail and a cat's ear (I could use a hat if I want to hide the ear and put my tail somehow inside my pants :D), and it would be great have a cat's audition.

D at 28 May 2009: 15:19

I forgot to mention the cat's reflexes! (Humans are too slow...)
Well, if I would pick only one I would go for the cat's tails, it's too damn sexy!

at 29 May 2009: 15:22

A fox tail for me :)

eminor at 31 May 2009: 01:26

Wings, with enough power to give me flight. If that were impossible, my second choice would be a tail, I guess.

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at 31 May 2009: 11:11


I know we are just talking fantasy here and so on, but it would actually be impossible. Birds don't fly just because they have wings. Hollow bone structure, feathers and overall body shape are also important. Even if you could lift from the ground with some kind of angel wings, your body is far from being aerodynamic.

Reiken at 2 Jun 2009: 04:42

*I'd say fur but think about all those ticks =/
*I've always wanted a tail but would the tail be covered in fur and then stop once it reaches my butt? Look at the FREAK!!!
*I don't see a problem with ears unless you like wearing hats without destroying them with ear holes. And with the whole "hordes of weeaboos and anime fantards squeeing 'kawaii!' at you," I wonder what it's like being famous?
*Some type of "furry" ear, I already have a hard enough time listening to those kids screaming while shopping for groceries. So no thank you.
*Wings, target practice for the airforce! lol?
*Knot, isn't that kinda like rape? Holding a man/women at their will
*Sense of smell would be difficult to handle. Just think of the headaches.. AND! What if someone farted? Niffle Niffle Jerry was that you?
*Retractible claws would be useful, hopefully you don't have anger issues and kill someone

All these have flaws, it's called life. We have to deal with things that piss us off so wth right?

If I had to choose one I think it would be a wolf muzzle. Why, sucking cock would be a lot easier =P

Here's another idea, werewolf legs!

at 4 Jun 2009: 14:06

Ditto, I'd totally just do the fur (and maybe a tail to match). It's really what I find most attractive about anthros.

I see where yer coming from, but I figure if you're smart enough, and can stand some higher temps every now and then. It should be fine.

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at 19 Jan 2016: 02:15

Here's what I'd consider.

* Wolf legs: able to run better, but harder to stand still or find shoes
* Chameleon eyes: able to focus on two things at once, but decreased two-eye depth perception
* Eagle eyes: much sharper vision, and apparently no cons
* Mantis shrimp eyes: able to see several more colour frequencies and polarization, but probably not well-adapted to out-of-water use
* Feline flexibility: better agility via contortion and easy autofellatio, but might really ruin my posture

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