Favorite Furry Trait

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Reiken at 2 Jun 2009: 04:42

*I'd say fur but think about all those ticks =/
*I've always wanted a tail but would the tail be covered in fur and then stop once it reaches my butt? Look at the FREAK!!!
*I don't see a problem with ears unless you like wearing hats without destroying them with ear holes. And with the whole "hordes of weeaboos and anime fantards squeeing 'kawaii!' at you," I wonder what it's like being famous?
*Some type of "furry" ear, I already have a hard enough time listening to those kids screaming while shopping for groceries. So no thank you.
*Wings, target practice for the airforce! lol?
*Knot, isn't that kinda like rape? Holding a man/women at their will
*Sense of smell would be difficult to handle. Just think of the headaches.. AND! What if someone farted? Niffle Niffle Jerry was that you?
*Retractible claws would be useful, hopefully you don't have anger issues and kill someone

All these have flaws, it's called life. We have to deal with things that piss us off so wth right?

If I had to choose one I think it would be a wolf muzzle. Why, sucking cock would be a lot easier =P

Here's another idea, werewolf legs!

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