Pictures Don't Show Up (GoPhoto?)

at 25 Aug 2012: 02:06

Whenever I click on something, the tab opens to display a picture, but all I get is the standared, "picture not found" icon. And the URL changes to something called, "Gophoto.it".

Can someone please explain this and let me know how to fix it?

at 25 Aug 2012: 03:44

I searched.

someone in there says "its part of the FB photozoom extension disable that and it should be gone"

I don't know, I don't use FB or that, but uh. Yeah. Check your browser add-ons, check your plugins, if all else fails virus and malware scan.

I've seen two references to something called 1clickdownloader, too, people suggesting to uninstall it:

(As a quick sanity check, no, I don't have this happen to me with fchan.)

at 25 Aug 2012: 14:04

That did it! Thank you very much!

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at 26 Aug 2012: 09:29

Awesome to hear. You're welcome.

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