Can't access thread on /s/

at 25 Oct 2012: 11:37

Hey guys, I've been having trouble getting threesomes, foursomes, orgies thread on /s/. I can look at the six pics that are on the teaser just fine but whenever I try hit reply to view the rest of the thread, I get redirected to just a blank white screen. I can view all the other threads on /s/ just fine and I was able to view the thread a few days ago so I know that it didn't used to be like this. Is anyone else having this problem?

Xenofur at 26 Oct 2012: 12:44

Thanks for the note. There was an issue with the server that resulted in the HDD filling up. It has been fixed now and the caches for the threads restored. As far as i can tell no data was lost. :)

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at 9 Nov 2012: 17:42


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