Asteroid Coaster at 1 Nov 2012: 02:10

Does anyone know of an insanely long list of furry or christian newsletters? I remember seeing one of these years ago, (All I remember is the solid black background, the white checkboxes, and how it seemed to stretch on and on forever, checkbox after checkbox to sign someone up for hundreds, maybe even over one thousand furry or christian newsletters), but I've googled it + tried looking up such a thing on other sites for an hour straight now, and have had no luck finding it. Help, please? Winner gets a paid Minecraft account; if you already have a paid Minecraft account, then feel free to use this second one for revenge on any servers on which you were wrongfully banned, admins abused you, or whatever you want.

at 3 Nov 2012: 02:29

Please respond

Asteroid Coaster at 3 Nov 2012: 02:29

Please respond

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fchan#System at 3 Nov 2012: 07:20

Obviously not.

We don't support revenge or vengeance here.

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