new furry novel i found

at 4 Dec 2012: 21:42

i found this epic novel, it was in the most popular section the other day
its on this guys deviantart, being uploaded page by page
it's really interesting you should check it out


at 4 Dec 2012: 23:28

I loved what he has so far. Much better than the stuff out there nowadays. I'll watch him because it has me interested and that's more than I can say about most furry fiction that doesn't contain yiff.

at 9 Jan 2013: 05:49

Is there any other furry literature around? I'm curious what the fandom is capable of.

It makes me wonder why there isn't a large market for this kind of stuff.

at 11 Jan 2013: 09:22


at 28 Jan 2013: 18:46

simply amazing...
i normally hate to read but this has gripped me in a way that I haven't seen since the harry potter days.
hopping on the fanboy bandwagon for this guy, pronto

at 29 Jan 2013: 21:20


"In a world after humans, where animals have evolved to rule in our image; a group of freedom fighters"

Stopped there. Furry is a SEX FETISH, if I want "freedom fighters," I'll read one of the millions and millions of books about them.

at 29 Jan 2013: 21:21


Plenty. And there's no market because 100% is HORSE SHIT.

at 30 Jan 2013: 00:14

What does this have to do with Penis? 

at 31 Jan 2013: 00:33

you give the fandom a bad name... a terrible name... WOW.

at 8 Feb 2013: 09:48


People like you are why we can't have nice things. The fandom is far too broad to be just a sex fetish.

It may be a sex fetish for you, but there are thousands upon thousands of other people out there that are into the furry fandom and they aren't into the adult side of it.

Fuck off with that shit already, it's old and tired.

GC at 8 Feb 2013: 17:12

>>10 Uh...not exactly. Every furry I know irl is into the adult side of it. Granted they're not obsessed and other aspects clearly overshadow it. And granted that some furs may not like ANY adult side. But to deny the large presence it has is just ignorant. J

at 9 Feb 2013: 23:59


I'm not denying the large presence it has. I'm just saying that it is NOT a sexual fetish for *everyone* that is a part of the fandom.

Classifying furry as along the lines of a hobby would be far more accurate, really.

Counter-point: To say that everyone is only in the fandom for the sexual aspect, is also ignorant. Y'know?

at 7 Mar 2013: 10:20

Chiming in to say that you're an ignorant shmuck for thinking that everyone must see the fandom exactly the same as you. Furry is more then just a fetish for me, and many others. It's ok if that's all you care about, but also know it's because of furs like you that we're all thought of as hyper-sexual perverts.

at 8 Mar 2013: 07:40

Mea culpa - my interest in fur ranges from squeaky-clean Disney to sexy Disney. And by sexy Disney I mean stuff in *their* cartoons like the mice chorus line in "Great Mouse Detective" or Lady Bunny seducing Thumper in "Bambi", or Nala giving Simba a 'do me' look in "The Lion King"... hot stuff, all!

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