Creating Homophobic Characters

at 16 Feb 2013: 09:12

I've noticed a few artists have created homophobic,or bigoted characters. To me that just seems idiotic. Is it the appeal of making a character that people love to hate,or an insight into how much of an ass the creator of that character is. Yes I know everything isn't sunshine and rainbows but that sort of thing just doesn't make sense to me.

at 16 Feb 2013: 13:44

Sometimes you use extreme characters or situations as a way of increasing the magnitude of something. The stark contrast makes it easier to see. The world isn't as black and white, but sometimes it is useful to simplify.

at 16 Feb 2013: 15:13


I agree. All fictional characters should share my exact same values at all times.

at 18 Feb 2013: 20:22

Such are characters. Well, at the base of it, we're talking about fiction.
It depends, really. Some may do it as they want a character who adds conflict or tension with other characters. Some might want to express how bad such bigotry and homophobia are. Maybe some like those things in a fantasy setting for whatever reason..
Maybe some just wanna push some buttons. Hard to say.

They are not necessarily a stand-in for their creator, although that is also a possibility. Some are just doing the author sort of thing, making a character for the sake of, well, it's fiction.
Sometimes abhorrent things can be fascinating to see or explore in fiction, even if it's not what one really thinks.

at 3 Mar 2013: 20:04

Worse still if it's an attractive-looking homophobe character. It becomes a "don't look, don't touch" situation.

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