Preet Preet Poot at 3 Aug 2013: 20:48

Why do the mods keep deleting my threads? I'm like the ONLY person still posting here, you ought to be thankful!

Conejo at 3 Aug 2013: 23:37

Post more Conejo please...

at 4 Aug 2013: 19:43

HAHA. See, umm, fchan only exists for the posting of furry porn.

Intelligent discussion, criticism, ideas, and the like are unwanted and unnecessary WASTE PRODUCTS that get in the way of fapping. That's why /dis/ was made: to serve as an outlet for this wasteful "depth". Fortunately, for the past year or so, fchan's /dis/ no longer contains unsettling threads about faggot topics like "Furry Child Molesters" and the rise of such instances in the news. Or why anthropomorphism is just another bland consumer product of homogeneous and anti-individualistic society where the fandom's commercial interests in providing ephemeral masturbation material is its highest goal.

The human species can do without this dangerous, anti-humanistic furfaggotry that, thankfully, has been entirely purged from this system along with their troublesome posters.

at 5 Aug 2013: 01:26


Does this mean we have reached Peak Faggot? 

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