Works Like Greg Howell

at 22 May 2014: 22:12

I am sure that there are just a few people out there who have read Mr Howell's works and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for novels/stories that have similar styles?  And if you have not read any of his stories, I highly recommend reading his Light on Shattered Water and Storms on Open Fields novels.  Very in-depth, fun to read and very hard to put down.

Greg Howell's story page for reference.

at 22 May 2014: 22:13

Did not intend to double post.  Please remove this if possible.

at 4 Jul 2014: 17:36

Never heard of him. Is his work of a sexual nature? If not, forget it, not interested.

at 7 Jul 2014: 21:40

They are certainly not bedtime stories.  Some of them are definitely erotic like his old story of "The Human Memoirs" and his Light on Shattered Water series.  But they are not strictly about that.  His stories are more about the interactions of humans in a non-human world and how they cope with it.  A one of a kind type of story in my opinion.  That is why I am looking for more works like his. 

Another writer that I have found in the mean time that feels similar is the works of Fel (James Galloway) but his stories are a lot less "furry".

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