Fetish, fandom, or other?

Minotaur at 6 Oct 2014: 06:54

Off the top of my head...

NON-SEXUAL comic...

Cheap Thrills... Hasn't been updated since December os 2012, but a very in depth comic about relationships, families etc. There is romance but no sex scenes, tasteful nudity, etc.


NON-SEXUAL games...

Solatorobo Red the Hunter for the Nintendo DS.  Or any other video game with Anthropomorphic characters.

NON-SEXUAL movies...

The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Where the Wild Things Are and for the amusement of those who might get the joke.... Disney's Robin Hood. For furry related we have Guardians of the Galaxy.

Along with any other movie you can think of with Anthropomorphic characters.

NON-SEXUAL books...

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, or any other book with Anthropomorphic characters.

Yes, the Furry Fandom is a fetish heavy lifestyle community similar to that of the BDSM crowd, or if you think about it....Any crowd. We all have our kinks. There is a LOT of furry porn, and Rule 34, this is true, but the clean stuff is out there. And like >>3 pointed out, not all furries are part of the Fandom for the fetish aspects.

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