So how do i make a thread?

thatoneguy at 18 Sep 2014: 05:38

Well, i've used Fchan alot, but recently i've wanted to make a thread or two under the /f/ section. But im not entirely sure how.

Like, do i use the section at the top where you can browse for an image?
What displays as what? Would the subject be the title of the thread? The comment the worded content?

I ask because i wish to learn the ways of the Fchan, so i might do things right on the first go.

at 19 Sep 2014: 06:19

Yes, the section at the top, and exactly as you say, the subject's the title, the comment's the worded content.

at 8 Oct 2014: 02:33

o___o i got an answer to this the day after? Lol
THANK YOU kind fellow. I wasnt sure, and there isnt a 'guide' for things, only general rules.

This site could really use a "How to post" guide for total novices like myself.

Thanks again. Maaany many thanks!!!

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