My random furry species generator

A. P. Damien at 14 Nov 2014: 05:07

I have written a script to generate random species:

When I Googled for furry species generators, I found several, but they all chose from very limited lists of species.  I looked up "List of Placental Mammals" in  Wikipedia and made a generator with a list of nearly 150 species names.

If you don't like the lists I used, feel free to download the source and change them.  Or anything else in the script.  The source is licensed under CC-BY.

It should be easy to change the lists of species available, if you have ever used any programming language.  Ditto for the parameters below.  If you want to change the logic of the script, you'll need to learn at least a little PHP.  To change the "skin" (appearance), you'll need to know basic HTML and CSS.

If you like the script, please mention it where search engines will find it so that other people can use it.

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AnthonyTqtpr at 27 Mar 2017: 19:24

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