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What is the fchan hierarchy?

Xenofur at 25 Jan 2006: 19:18

We realize sometimes it may be complicated to know who is who on Fchan. Even harder for most is to know what to say or do when two Mods give out conflicting information. This, of course, is a natural thing when you have multiple persons interpreting the same set of rules.

There is a definite hierarchy to Fchan, and its staff. This applies not only to what is said and if it conflicts, but also to if there is a personal issue between a user and a Mod.

The moderators on probation are our first line of defense. They are charged with basic policing of the boards and enforcing the rules. They is given very little latitude to interpret the rules. They are also given the authority to place bans. They do have the authority to remove a bans which they placed, but not any other. If you feel you have a problem with them which needs to be addressed by a superior, you may consult with Xenofur.

Xenofur#Admin is the main programmer of Fchan, as well as the site Administrator. He has his hand in all functions of the site, making decisions, writing policy, keeping artists happy, interpreting law, and a thousand and one other duties that he loves to hate. He has the authority to override anyone on Fchan. Unfortunately if you have a problem with him, you are out of luck. There is no one to appeal to. He makes it a point tho to carefully listen everyone out and explain his position, so there shouldn't be many problems with him to have.

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