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Excessive Non-Contributing Bumping

Raven at 28 Jan 2006: 20:07

If a thread receives an excessive amount of posts that do not contain appropriate images for the topic at hand, and these posts are made with the specific intent of keeping the thread at the top of a board (bumping), it runs the risk of being deleted. The reason for this is to keep "dead threads" from pushing off others which are still receiving relevant content, albeit at a possibly slower rate. This is especially important on a large board like /toon.

A thread will typically be deleted after it has gone three days or more without suitable images and received more than three bumps that do not include purposeful conversation on images already posted to it. Please feel free to report such threads as you find them.

If you have found yourself redirected to this page while posting, it is because you tried to bump a thread without any true content. Please refrain from doing so in the future out of respect for your fellow viewers and posters.

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