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Second Life Images Banned

Xenofur at 2 May 2006: 18:08

The Explanation:
The server of fchan is located in the US and thus lies under american jurisdiction. A potential case that could damage fchan would be the following situation:

A parent finds out that it's child is engaged in sexual activities via Second Life and also finds out that images of these things are being posted on fchan. Said parent would thus try to sue and also attack fchan. If said parent has a lawyer that is not a complete hack then s/he will be able to build a case where we could not defend. The jury would most probably consist of concerned parents as well and thus a bit gullible regarding the next things.

As far as american courts are concerned SL represents nothing else than a 3D frontend for what is basically a chatroom. They also equal chat communications with phonecalls. Thus any kind of sexual interaction in the game involving minors could be construed as child molestation. This includes having the child in any role, viewer, model or active participant.

Sine we do know that there is a variety of methods that children could get access to the adult areas we could easily be held responsible in case a parent decides to act. The accusations against us would include one or more of this: covering up, encouraging, or distributing records of child molestation for others to enjoy.

Furthermore it is not the parent's responsibility to protect it's child(ren) in this regard, but our responsibility, so the courts would decide against us if we tried to argue that way.

The only acceptable option would be if we were to verify the age of the player of each portrayed avatar in a submitted image. As we lack the tools, money, time and manpower to effectively facilitate this, i see no other choice than to ban all Second Life art that is not fit to be posted in /clean/.

Please do understand that this is not an attempt at censorship or discrimination of this art form, but merely an action taken to protect Fchan's continued existence from ridiculous laws, misguided parents and representatives of the american law.

I am sorry.

angel at 26 Jul 2008: 09:55


LEt me ask it differently then... is /Clean/ the ONLY place you're allowed to post SL screens?

axel at 18 Apr 2009: 23:20

Well if i remember LL is trying out a new form of Age Verification.

ThatGuyWithNoName at 8 Aug 2009: 19:11

But, Axel, The new age verification system only prevents you from going to adult areas. And, it ain't gonna delete screenshots form before. Also, the system doesn't work and children have an easier time getting into adult areas than actual adults.

Now, away from the whole "Why SL's age verification system sucks",
What if there's a disclaimer in the pic saying that fchan ain't responsible if the pic turns out to have avatars played by minors? Worked for soda companies.

S at 9 Aug 2009: 23:42

Nope. Not gon'na work.

at 20 Sep 2009: 18:56

I ran into this rule not knowing it existed and had my stuff deleted, which is okay.  But I couldn't find any mention of SL stuff at all in the actual Rules section, and think this should be added there so later on people like me who weren't around for the earlier conversations won't be baffled when their stuff's fried. 

(My only suggestion here is consolidation of rules; there are three (or more?) sections at the moment that contain things you are disallowed from doing and that seems a bit unsorted.  It's why I didn't see the rule in the first place.)

Anyway, happy fapping.

Falcon at 22 Sep 2009: 00:29

The rules on homepage have a link to this board in rule #8 (Stay up to date). /faq provides a way to address how a certain rule is applied in specific instances (like with Second Life imagery).

Ideally a person reads the rules, looks at the topics in /faq, and follows the definition of the image board (which appears just above the reply area). I'm not saying it's perfect, but I think it's the easiest way to ensure everybody has a clear understanding of how the site is managed.

If there is anything missing in these places, drop an email to Xenofur. He's a busy dude, so it might take him a while to read it but he will.

I hope this makes things easier for anyone making a conscious effort to adhere to the rules of the site. <tries to give the thumbs up, but with wings it looks pretty weak>

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