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fchan - Rule 0: Behavior


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Rule 0: Behavior

Xenofur at 28 Apr 2006: 06:38

Ok, I've been putting this off for quite some time now and finally ponied up to get this going.

The following will regard moderation on fchan as such that it puts an until now unwritten rule to paper, or better: to screen. This will be "Rule 0: Behaviour".

The intent of this rule is to provide both the users with a better overview of what is acceptable behaviour and also to provide a basis to the moderators to do their job without having to throw out endless descriptions.

Not all of these will warrant a ban, most probably will only result in post deletions. Be aware tho that it is possible to get banned for violating this rule.
When reporting infractions of this rule please use number 7 (Drama).

The kinds of behaviour that will be moderated are (in no particular order):

Insults: Any and all kinds of these unless OBVIOUSLY done in good humour. Beware of in-jokes as these might not be obvious to anyone.

DNP screamers: To post about a pic being DNP in an unfriendly or abrasive manner, sometimes combined with excessive caps and or exclamation marks and also sometimes with insults. We appreciate your help in pointing these out and/or in pinpointing which entry of the DNP list is being violated exactly. Nonetheless we prefer it that you do only post if the creator is unclear and instead use the little star icon to report a post. Discussions about false DNP claims are tolerated as logn as they are kept short and civil.

Anti-DNP screamers: It is not acceptable to attack or insult those who are trying to help nor to bemoan the existence of the DNP.

Critique: This pertains ALL boards: It is not acceptable to deliver critique that only consists of insults, abrasiveness and/or non-constructive negative remarks. It is acceptable to remark that a picture might be better suited for /dis/, as long as done politely.

Sage: It is not acceptable to use this as the only or central content of a reply for two reasons: It is mostly meant as an attack and its functionality was replaced with the Bump checkbox.

Art theft / Copying / Tracing: Unless it is possible to overlay two images and achieve a 1:1 match such claims will be viewed as drama creation and depending on delivery, as insult. Also, even if there is a point to your claim: Contact one of the mods and leave them to deal with it behind the scenes.

Overreaction: To react to any of the aboe in a similar fashion is also not acceptable. Either answer politely or contact a mod to deal with it.

NEW Sexual Roleplay / Yiff: Fchan is not a MUCK. People come here to look at images, not read overly gratitious and often disturbing roleplay treatices. This also extends to the overly gratitious explanation of sexual practices in a context where it is not explicitly required by the discussion of posted material. (This is ESPECIALLY targeted at requests on the normal image boards.)


This is not an attempt to control or censor opinions. We are merely restricting the way these opinions are voiced and also restricting the use of insults while pretending to voice an opinion in order to make fchan a more enjoyable and drama-free environment for everyone.

"I think the artist of this picture needs to get better in anatomy." - opinion
"I think this picture looks shitty." - NOT opinion

 - -
Feel free to give input. :)

at 31 Dec 1969: 18:00

Baidn at 27 Apr 2009: 18:26

Its said that you had to put in writting.  I hope people start to behave better and make you guys (and girls to be fair) lives easier.

at 29 Jan 2010: 13:00

"I think the artist of this picture needs to get better in anatomy." - opinion
"I think this picture looks shitty." - NOT opinion

actually, those are both opinions.  Both are based on personal perception, rather than absolute facts.  Perhaps you should change it to "opinion, and NOT ACCEPTABLE TO POST opinion"

or otherwise clarify what you mean

Falcon at 4 Feb 2010: 22:50

As an essay, it gets docked a mark.

Constructive critisism would have worked. You lose a mark too, though. The terms to classify opinions are objective and subjective.

Wolfie2010 at 29 Oct 2010: 23:59

I think the rules are awesome. Keeps drama down and posting awesome art up! :)

A late post but i don't be here often. Thank-You creator and mod's of Fchan! :D

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ahboon at 4 Feb 2012: 06:32


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