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Re: Trolls

Raven at 22 Aug 2006: 08:28

The troll is a common part of any online community. It is understandable how frustrating it can be to find posts aimed at annoying others when you are trying to view something. However, it is a part of the online world and is something which everyone must learn to accept.

If you feel that someone is being a troll, there are two options at your disposal:

1. Use the REPORT feature to let us know. We will deal with the problem the next time we check the queue.

2. EMAIL a mod. Emailing may result in faster response time if said mod has a notification setting on their client. If unsure, use in conjunction with 1.

Any other methods of dealing with offensive posts are strictly frowned upon. Here are a few examples of what to remember when you encounter such a disruption:

1. Do NOT comment in any way, shape, or form, but specifically..
2. Do NOT flame back
3. Do NOT make a post in /dis warning about the trolls or mocking the people involved

Insistence on any of the above behaviors may lead to BANNING in regard to Rule 0. Rule 0 applies to all people, whether they are fellow posters, artists, trolls, or even people off the boards. It becomes a disruption, one that you are perpetuating, and it makes more work for us. And we really don't like that.

Keep in mind that you are not helping us by attacking someone. You are not helping your fandom and you are definitely not helping yourself. You are just making things worse. So please, if you have a problem, either report it or contact one of us.

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