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Starting A Thread

Raven at 11 Nov 2006: 13:48

When starting a thread on any board, the image you post MUST contain content suitable for that board. It may not contain content that belongs on another board.

For instance, posting a image with the text, "I don't have any porn of [insert character here], please post some (PIC NOT RELATED)," is not acceptable. In such cases you would use the /req board to ask for something which you do not have.

The one exception is if you have a clean image that otherwise fits the description of what you want, you may post it on your board of choice with the understanding that if it does not receive any material suited for that board, it will be removed after a period of about two to three days and/or after it has received what is concerned too many image-less, text-only posts/bumps. Please feel free to report such threads as "Wrong Board" if you feel they have outlived this themselves.

We take this much more seriously than the occasional out of place image within a thread that has so far remained otherwise on-topic.

Threads which are started with content which does not belong on that board will either be deleted outright or permanently saged.

In regard to duplicate threads, please report them as "Other," and include an explanation and link to the other thread within the new one.

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