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What are artist banners and how do i get one?

Xenofur at 22 Jun 2007: 01:04

Since the life of fchan itself is based on the efforts of artists we are constantly thinking about a way to give something back. We have now found something that we can do which can benefit artists and we are offering it for free. The offer is as follows:

The main asset that fchan has is traffic, and lots of it. So we have included a banner next to our site banner which links to artist websites. We expect no recompensation at all, as we view this as recompensation to the artists.

The guidelines for artist banners are as follows:

- The banner you want to use must be of the dimensions of 300*100. Neither smaller, nor bigger.
- The content of the banner may be risque, but it should generally stay work-safe.
- The site that is being linked to must mainly contain your own art.
- The artist may choose on which boards the banner is rotated.
- A site that is linked to that mainly contains /ah/-style content may only be linked to on /ah/.

For those who are unfamiliar with this terminology, the contents that are considered /alternative-hard/ are listed on our frontpage in the list of board descriptions.

Lastly the link and banner must be approved by the whole moderation team as well, as a sort of sanity-check and also as a quality-check. This is mainly necessary because i want to prevent this system from being spammed with banners from artists who still have years of training ahead of them and to preserve it's purpose of being a reward to those artists who have done real contributions to the fandom or can contribute in a meaningful way.

Now, if you are interested, all i need from you is a banner image and a link sent to my email.


Banner stats can be viewed here: http://fchan.me/banners.cgi

Miranda Leigh at 9 Mar 2009: 19:14

http://www.smokingpen.com/images/fchan_ad.gif banner image
url: http://www.smokingpen.com

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