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I've been banned! What do I do now?!

Raven Rivers at 7 Aug 2007: 06:26

First of all, refrain from jumping to conclusions or getting all riled up. Bans are usually placed to get your attention. You more than likely broke an important rule and we want to explain to you why we don't allow said thing on the site. We would like you to understand. So please, email a mod. They will tell you who set your ban and who to contact. There is no way to find out if you don't ask. But it is better to ask by email than to post about it on /dis. Doing so will only mean you have to wait longer, as such threads will usually be deleted.

When you email, be sure to include the ban ID you are given. Also be sure to specify whether the ban is for the image or discussion boards, as that will make a difference.

Please keep in mind that there are times when you may be banned by accident. Either someone clicks the wrong button, you happen to share an internet connection with someone, or something else may have gone wrong. If so, keep calm and talk to a mod or admin. They'll get it worked out as long as you are nice to them and don't throw a fit.

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