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My Image/Thread Was Deleted. WHY?!

Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 20:55

This comes up quite often. Sometimes, it just isn't very obvious why something is deleted. It may be obvious to us and to other users, but not the person posting it. This can lead to confusion and frustration. We would like to offer everyone the chance of an explanation, but we also don't want to have it cluttering up or disrupting the boards.

If you notice that something you posted has been removed, feel free to EMAIL Xenofur or Nadia, regardless of who deleted it. Be sure to include the image(s) in question as an attachment (very important) and a link to the thread (if it still exists; also very important). We will try our best to explain why it may have been removed, but keep in mind that if we do not know which staff member made the deletion, we may not be able to help you. It is simply the nature of a site like this.

Please do not complain within the thread or on /dis. Such threads may be deleted or stopped without notice, and we reserve the right not to answer the question there due to time constraints.

Again, EMAIL is the way to go with any question regarding a rule. I cannot stress that enough. The only exception is IRC, but we cannot guarantee a response if we don't happen to be available at the time you message us.

at 10 Feb 2011: 00:28

How does one e-mail Nadia? They aren't shown anywhere on the home page.

at 11 Feb 2011: 10:08

Her email is on the site. You have to look for it.

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