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What Is An #Artist Tag? How Do I Get One?

Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 20:58

Artist tags function in a similar manner to admin/mod tags. They exist to identify an artist from any other individual. In the past we had strict guidelines for #Artist tags. Recently they have been modified to make them more available.

In order to qualify for this tag, email Xenofur with your request. Provide him with a link to your gallery. He will review your gallery, may ask additional actions on your behalf, and will decide if you qualify for an #Artist tag. There are two criteria he will be considering.
1). If you are a commercial artist, who has had sales of your work in the recent past, you will qualify for a tag.
2). If you are not a commercial artist, the staff may review your work and decide if you qualify for an #Artist tag.
In either case you may appeal.

at 24 Oct 2012: 13:29

What is an /artist/ board for?

at 24 Oct 2012: 16:15

/artist/ is a place for individual artists to show off their art in a dedicated space (as opposed to posting in /m/, /h/, /f/ or what have you and coming off as self-aggrandizing or whatever).

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