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Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 21:01

Catgirls? Are they Furry or not?
A rhetorical question which is not open to discussion anymore, so, do not answer at the end of this post. Period.

They are called 猫耳 [nekomimi], which for the Kanji impaired, means 'Cat Ears'. Some places erroneously call them 猫娘 [nekomusume] 'Cat Maiden'. Do not make that mistake as it makes you look and sound like an idiot.
Of course, if you would rather be safe, you can get away with calling them 獣耳 [kemonomimi], or, again for the Kanji impaired : 'Animal Ear' (けものみみ), which does include all forms of animals with mostly human characteristics.
Including, but not limited to, ホロ from 狼と香辛料, フラン from ファイナルファンタジーXII, 犬夜叉, 菖蒲, and 七宝 from 犬夜叉, バギ from 大自然の魔獣 バギ, ミンク from ドラゴンハーフ... And so on... I could type all day characters from series.
Or, you could just look up FireFox-tan if you want something more mainstream Eigo.

For the record:
***Not only are they Furry, but they Predate Furry.***

How about I explain it in a way that most people should be able to understand.

Humans are animals. They are a primate. A primate who grew to walk straight and shed most of their fur, but retaining their hair. There are other animals which have shed away many of the same features which separate humans from other primates/animals.
We, who deal with this fandom, like to ignore that fact. The fact that a human is not any different from any other animal, other than the ability to be extremely stupid.

A catgirl is a cat, with certain human attributes applied. More than most of you are used to. Creating a very cute response similar to the racism I grew up with and witness in the real world every day.

You do not like skin, no problem. But demand all artists draw fur, not just place a solid color or pattern over what should be fur.
What is wrong with two sets of ears?
And, why not start a crusade to remove plantigrade from the fandom? Let us return even the noble raccoon to the days of pure digitigrade.
Demand that artists depict realistic paws, both in size and function.
Not all animals have a muzzle/snout either. Do we remove them?
Creatures of fantasy? Dragons, Centaurs, and even Tauren. What of them? I can logically remove all of them because of one reason or another.


The simple truth is, this fandom has too many who have transferred their own racist and bigoted concepts to specisism, and brought them into their hobby. They demand so much they must be accepted themselves, but refuse to be as open minded as they claim they themselves are.
You wish to be part of any group which will actively separate another group for reasons only as solid as because they are different than me, then please feel free. But, do so in another fandom. this Furry Fandom has enough mud clouding the water.

*** Regarding Apparent Age ***
We are aware that many people here may feel that most kemonomimi may be seen by their standards as underage. this has been covered more than enough times in previous discussions in /f. Many who use fchan do not have enough experience with the Asian female body, or people, to understand the difference between giant breasted and big hipped porn-stars of the western world and the tiny breasted, slim and petite bodies more often idolized in the eastern societies. We accept this.
Please do not complain about ages as you may see them in threads. The final arbiter of ages as presented will be left up to the Moderation team, with the admins having the final word. If you do not agree with their decisions, feel free to email them, but do not cloud the boards with your complaints.
Do not abuse this, as posting what is obviously underage sexual work will result in posting rights being removed. And, if a member of staff posts an image, do not complain about it.

*Now, here is the official ruling on this long standing argument:*

We will consider any posts in any kemonomimi thread which argues, complains, whines, or otherwise speak of any form of kemonomimi in a negative manner, or states or implies they are not furry, as spam and harassment, and shall be handled accordingly, as in banned from posting for a minimum of a month.
Complaining/arguing about this decision will also be treated as spam and harassment.

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