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Girly Boys in /m/

fchan#System at 3 Jan 2013: 13:25

In the most simple of terms. Assuming all other rules are followed, such as keeping on topic, no straying into /f/, /a/, /ah/, /h/ or /toon/ territory, and no underage characters.

If the subject, or subjects, of the image displayed on this board, /m/, is an obvious male,  it can be put here.
We define an obvious male as having one penis, sheath, circumcised or not has no bearing, a single sack with two testicles, of realistic proportion, and two properly proportioned breasts. As many of you reading know by simply looking in a mirror, the amount of fat on your bodies is proportionate and often gives you, a male, breasts. We allow for that here. However, remember obesity belongs in other boards.
In the absence of these obvious clues, we look for certain bulges, or other more artistic clues. In some very rare cases it becomes a judgement call on each case-by-case.
Sometimes we make the wrong call, but we do the best we know how to. In those rare situations, we will attempt to fix those problems.

Mahendra S at 16 Dec 2013: 23:43

Okay, at 2010, I'm still remember i get some great images with these title :

1. ah_1309105410713_Image0712-0050_TV3_[1].jpg
2. ah_1310147944884_Image0712-0113_TV3.jpg

but now, these are gone to somewhere. Please, why these images were deleted ?? and I remember there's Dragon slayer art in here but now all's gone. What's going on ??

For two images above, I'm just want to know what's the title of anime / cartoon ?? and where episodes ?? Please send back because I was tired to searching the info about that !!!

Claralit at 31 Oct 2017: 10:18

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