at 1 Sep 2013: 21:46

I was wondering if anyone had some spare time to make a fursona for me. I have no artistic skills and I'm too broke to buy a commission. If not, does anyone know how I could accomplish such a thing?

at 8 Sep 2013: 03:06

All you need is the power of imagination!

I am confused that artwork is required to create a character.

so what do you like anyway? What animals do you like? Any traits?
Sometimes it's as simple as something like "hey, I really like foxes and hats" and then you have a fox in a top hat and it snowballs from there and you get all these other ideas and end up with a fleshed out character

but asking for art of a character is not necessarily the same as making one, though someone could do both at the same time, sure

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