Comic with a thief and a slave trader

at 11 Mar 2014: 18:35

Its about a cat who runs from a bunny with some loot. Guards chase him. Minotaur type person hides him. Cat thinks Minotaur is a slave trader, so he tries to steal from him too. Both are male. Cat is yellow-ish, other is blue-ish.

OP at 20 Mar 2014: 21:01

Come on guys, I've been searching for this for over a week now with no luck. If you have ANY idea on what it could be post it.

Extra info: It's M/M, guards try "getting at him", it's about 15 pages long, setting is in the desert.

Chikara at 21 Mar 2014: 17:28

I remember the comic, but not the name or where it came from. Artist may be Bonk?

OP at 23 Mar 2014: 01:23

I checked, doesn't seem to be him. Any other ideas? Anyone?

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OP at 24 Mar 2014: 22:19

Found it. It's called The Thief and the Traveler. I couldn't find a good complete source without DLing it, but here's a pic for those interested: http://yiffy.cz/gallery/fPlfr/

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