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at 19 Sep 2014: 17:02

Hey guys and gals! I remember a furry story, a few chapters long, related to a heist. It was a gay story, with quite a few characters. I remember a wolf, named Roland, a white tiger, a bull, a fox, I believe the character that the storyline followed the most was a human, and there were a few other main characters as well. I only remember bits and pieces of it, and I cannot for the life of me find any hint of the story ANYWHERE. It went along the lines of, the main character and the wolf were together, but split up as the wolf didn't want to have the human be harmed with what he did for a living (pulling off heists and selling the things he hand his crew stole) and they re-united on a cruise ship. The wolf and the fox were at that point, together, and the wolf left the fox for the main character. The fox ended up with the tiger a few chapters in, as did the seemingly straight bull, and his work out buddy. Also, at some point in one of the chapters, they all pulled off a heist, where the fox burned his hands sliding down rope, while they were leaving the building they stole a painting from. Sorry if this was a massive mess of words, and hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about!

TL;DR: looking for a gay furry story, need help.

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