Looking for a Manga artist (AH)

Sasha Drakovi at 30 Jun 2015: 05:41

Hello I was wondering If anyone could help me find the art and or manga's from a very strange Mangaka. the Manga's in question, One had i believe a girl dressed as a dog on the cover and had a bunch of different stories (or is a different manga from the same artist) One of the stories involved a bunch of people who took some strange medicine and got transformed... the only part i can really remember was a part where a girl wanted to Have her corgi's puppies and transformed to have corgi paws. The other manga's i can think of involved scat and a grub girl who ate scat and it was really weird... she had a human head, The other manga which is the one in question i have been searching for for years is a manga that involved a japanese school girl walking home from school and falling down a hole where she was trapped with this strange yet friendly Grub based monster girl who took care of her, the girl who got trapped eventually transforming into a grub girl herself. I hope to be able to find out who this artist is so i can find the manga in question that i want.

Sasha Drakovi at 12 Dec 2017: 05:21

Gonna guess that no one can help me with this? i believe i found the manga-ka's name but couldn't find the manga... i can't remember it right now sadly,

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