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Erotic contact sport lover. at 17 Sep 2017: 13:56

Hello. I know there are plenty of sorts who like seeing the holds and the compromising positions that wrestling affords us. However, the genre of erotic wrestling itself is mostly female/female or straight art for some reason. (At least in places like Pixiv). There are some artists that do male/male wrestling stuff but they don't do a lot of it and most of it is packaged up in their doujins.

So really, this is just a heartfelt request from one lover of these kinds of doujins to the others. If any one of you would (And could) be so kind as to share any of the ones you have. (Mostly the older ones since, they're pretty much sold out and the artists don't sell them in any alternate format) Even if it's just photos of the scans, it's better than nothing. We have all of these asian share groups with their passwords and what not. I understand that it's not exactly cheap or quick to scan them so if any of you do happen to do so, I can be patient about it, I've been patient this long. Seeing Vol after Vol of BFW, Furry suplex,  DSKY and some lesser known furry wrestling doujins float by with only very brief samples to look at (Most of em aren't even of the action itself).

TLDR: If anyone can and would upload any of them (Excluding like FS 1/2), you'd have the upmost appreciation from a fellow wrestling doujin fan. Given you can actually get the books chances are you probably have the doujins you actually want so I doubt even out of the older stuff I've managed to save I'd have something you would want. But I appreciate all of the folks who share and upload things here and somewhere down the line I might be able to share some stuff here too.

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