Looking for two Swat Kats pictures

at 21 Jan 2018: 12:59

The first one is a wallpaper. It may have been based on the episode "Mutation City" or "Destructive Nature" (if I recalled correctly.) and has Callie Briggs constricted by a plant tentacle with Dr. Viper in the foreground. She was either being ensnared or being thrown off the building by the tentacles. The Turbokat is swooping in from the background to her rescue.

The other one's a picture of Jake Clawson surrounded by at least four of the female characters from the show (Felina, Callie, Ann Gora, Abba Sinian?) half-naked. Jake is flustered with a blush.

I believe both of these were on DeviantArt at one point, but may have been removed by the artist themselves.

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