Benjamin Smaridge comic

Shadow at 5 May 2020: 05:17

There is a comic Benjamin "benji" Smaridge
I had lost it when I upgraded my computer.
It deals with Benji and his sister being infested.
It also has the creature forming a large tendril that attaches to the female's head and lifts her from the bedroom down to the living or lounge room or something like that.

I can not remember what else happens in the comic, but I do remember the testicles and stomach (womb) of both Benji and his sister being huge and I also remember the tendrils being attached to both of them, but it "looked" like it was attached from the head of one to the body of the other, but I can not remember where on the other's body it looked like it was attached to... despite finding out that the tendrils are not attached to the other body but their own body.

So can someone please let me know where I can get those pics. Google, FA and a few other furry art sites were no help, and I can't remember the actual artist. But I believe benjamin Smaridge commissioned the comic series.

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