Lost picture

Shadow at 27 Nov 2021: 07:15

There have been a few pictures that I'm trying to find again, after loosing them.

The first is easy as it is cock fucking. One of the characters is a dog, and is asleep. There is a smaller fur on his leg and is fucking his cock. This picture use to be on FA, but I can't seem to find it any more, but I think the name of the picture was something like "one small dick, one big hole"

The second picture is much harder for me to remember the details.
It is coloured and is of oral sex.
There are several things I remember clearly.
The first being the fact that the picture is focused on the crotch of one of the characters.
The other character has their clawed paws on the legs of the other, as if they spread the other's legs and was oralling their victim.

Can anyone help?

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